3/21/22 Hummingbirds Are Back

Texas is in the migratory pattern for many hummingbirds, who winter in Mexico and summer in the U.S. They began appearing this week so it was time to dig out the feeder and hang it up on our rear deck, near our regular bird seed feeder.

Butterflies should soon show up as well.

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3/13/22 New Web Host

This blog has been moribund for a couple of years for a couple of reasons.

1- The WordPress installation was repeatedly hacked and I finally lost administrative access.
2- Due to Covid, we stopped traveling and holed up in a RV co-op near Hondo TX where we have had a leased RV lot for eight years.

I’m now reviving the blog for a couple of reasons.

1- It has been a journal of our travels and experiences that my family and friends can access, and I’d like to keep that going.
2-My old web hosting firm just dropped my hosting account. Like a lot of firms, they are moving all their accounts from their own servers over to one of the big cloud-hosting firms. In doing so, all the email accounts and websites have been affected. I’ve just moved to a web hosting firm that has been stable for a year or two, has decent U.S. based support, and still hosts its own email servers rather than dumping all the email accounts onto MS Office 365.

So, I’ll be rebuilding our old blog posts on a completely clean WP installation. This may take quite awhile as WP has joined the unfortunate move to dumbing down interfaces. They’ve gotten rid of their classic text editor and menus and I have to relearn how to get it to do what I want.

The Frau, who is still teaching Music and Humanities classes on-line for multiple universities, has ran into the same problems with the Content Management Systems at those schools. Apparently it was felt that the existing CMSs that they were using required too much technical knowledge to be used by the legions of professors that were being abruptly required to teach on-line rather than face-to-face. Now she has to rewrite all her classes in order to work on those dumbed-down CMSs and come up with work-arounds to make the classes work as she designed them.

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10/28/20 New Texas Hill Country Home

We’ve spent the last several weeks looking at various homes for sale in the greater Kerrville TX area. We wanted to be rural with a view, and within our means as well.

We finally found and bought a 20-yr-old home in the Liveoaks 55+ Mobile Home Community, 10 minutes north of Kerrville on State Highway 16. Our lot and home is on a ridge in the middle of the Kott family cattle ranch. Our 60′ long covered rear deck faces northeast and look out on a small valley with cattle grazing and a windmill and water tank. It will be quite the change when get the house set up so we move us and the cats from our 300 sq. ft. 5th wheel trailer to the new 1920 sq. ft. 4 bdrm 2 bath house.

The Liveoaks community was started over 40 years ago by the Kott family as an adjunct to their cattle ranching operation. They put in a community water and septic tank system, commercial electric power, and paved some roads. The first homes were installed over 40 years ago, the newest lot was occupied only 4 years ago. The 100+ homes here are various sizes and face different directions so it’s not like the normal “trailer park.” All the homes have to skirted with native stone and be well kept up.

The community also has an RV storage lot at the south edge so our Arctic Fox 5th wheel trailer can be stored there until Covid passes and we can safely travel again.

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